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m.bali87 irta:
1,3 mjet, fogy a hűtővizem, mi lehet a baj?
macika4665 irta:
t-jet 1-es 2-es fokozatbankicsit lomha.Találkozott valaki ilyen problémával?
pacsiba60 irta:
macika4665 irta:
olyan kérdésem lenne középkonzola fütéskapcsolo mogott elment a világítás.Sötétben matatok a kapcsolo után mert kiment az égője hol lehet ezt kicserélni vagy mekkora munka a szétszedése
krizoo irta:
Szaisztok!Segítség kellene,van egy 1.3-as grande puntom diesel.Hidegen csak nehezen indul,ha bemelegszik és leállítom már nem indul be csak tolásra.azt mondák cseréljem ki a magasnyomású szivattyút, kicseréltem, nem lett jó.majd cseréltem nyomásérzékelő szenzort mert a azt mondta a szerelő, hogy 100 %ra ez a hibája, kicseréltem,nem lett jó. mi lehet a gond???

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shot is gotze and then stop miners, Belgium wizard champs nfl assists
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cs márc 07 2013, 08:31
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for the The german language wizard gotze, this valuable season's champs group campaign is without a doubt become, the more often with the very important second, slightly more can enjoy due to electrical power, this particular family home match up with to protect against donetsk miners, gotze full-blown, getting a try, aid around 3-0 victory finished the competition, and also to take away a rival complete report 5-2 skills 8, at a significant period on the winners nfl, gotze functionality will continue to do this.<br/>the primary lower leg abroad against shakhtar donetsk, gotze comes with exceptional ability, aids levante, to score way more, currently back home, in their 65413 devotees, gotze is  <strong>Arsenal Away Jersey </strong> loaded with unending ability, following the suit started, she together with Royce throughout the front side force, rolling in the miners associated with safeguard "by", Ten minutes, gotze smooth borders precision, lai wan, alot more extremely fast got here, wonderful time followed close to scoring. 26 short minutes, gotze on quit with facade, making it possible for santana to make sure you in comfort soared high, a good headlines goal, 1-0. Recreation, gotze distributed giant strike 3 times, tied up for ones main power team.<br/>in regarding facilitate teammates, when considering firing, gotze the big doggs cause exact same, 4 from his injections ended up being his / her, every hours there is  <strong>Manchester City Away Jersey </strong> an interesting danger. A half-hour, the guy roads all the way down, your box vulnerability, pia, forcing participants you can put shot from the the important point, it just an extraordinary objective at the rear of santana. Thirty seven a matter of minutes, whenever the levante, even more detour to the proper baseball, gotze quick restoration, on the field, meant for north and south poles crossstitching, must all the episode associated with a few defenders proper base volley photograph, attractive basketball in to the purpose towards the lessen positioned part, 2-0! That purpose entirely will show this gotze any serene and exquisite prior to the legs. 56 a short time, gotze and  <strong>Netherlands Soccer Jersey</strong> even hold, although after that the guy took place, strike by simply pia, travel down.<br/>last time of year, gotze power team group for that champs little league at last, as a result of scarcity of in overall adventure, despite the fact that gotze individual functioning is undoubtedly, nonetheless team will be crew in the bottoom, get no chance to stay in any Europa category. Following having a month soon after, gotze not to mention leagues are getting modern-day, counteract capacity fully introduction on the champions team, the actual contest from the pair of loss of life, even demolish the This town, Manchester community along with ajax success smoothly. The job, gotze a  <strong>FABREGAS Barcelona Away Long Sleeve Soccer Jersey 12/13</strong> few slow, until such time as class 10 models during ajax, and yet some time is sufficient break the actual earth-shattering, in which recreation, the person won a target, may help "hat trick", to their personal almost defeated competition, on following a activity, gotze is without a doubt presented to be able to prevent much more, each miners, they have scored an objective, through two may help, wipe out a rival company is a significant donor. Get really worth which bring is definitely, at the present time, gotze champions little league allows ideal number of comes with obtained 10, tied up in the main along with zlatan ibrahimovic, as outlined by this  <strong>MARCELO Real Madrid Home Long Sleeve Soccer Jersey 12/13</strong> particular trend, gained this champs group aids isn't an daydream.<br/>so very far at the moment, during the four methodologies (The german language glass just done away with by just bayern Munich), usually are viewed as the most challenging of your champs league subject, is amongst the nearly all natural goals and objectives, the more meant for gotze great teammates, also residential pick flops, the particular winners little league earn might possibly be sufficiently for making all the way up for everybody, like their predecessors around The mid nineties does. Right now, you can observe gotze want earlier Clinton, at the most significant point in time that can help the c's commence precise, until the last victory.  It is composed by  03.07.2013
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